Monday, 1 March 2010

Thursday, 11 February 2010

This is our third and final poster.

This is our second final poster.

This is one of our final posters.

This is our final logo.

Monday, 1 February 2010

This was our favourate idea and best picture mock up. This shows a couple in bed and a packet of what used to be M&Ms where we would use photoshop to insert the letter STD . It was clever whitty and quite Fun to produce.


This was our origional idea, to show someone handing a sweet over.. but on this sweet would say STD, this is to appeal to young children...

In this picture our idea was to insert a snickers bar into someones pocket, We would cover up the S in Snickers therefor spelling nickers, then beside the picture place the statement "no protection? Keep them on!" It was a very clever image and whitty.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

At This Point, 28 january 2010

At this point we had taken our test shots and were very pleased with out results. Our next step was to take our real photos with the appropriate props. Then would would have to make our poster, up untill now we were very pleased with our progress

In Test shot 3, We tried to symbolise a girl handing a sweet with STD on it, Because this campaign is based around children we decided to use the "heart" sweets, We would photoshop the STD letters on the sweet. This picture shows that you dont know what you actually giving out or recieving

In Test shot 3, We tried to symbolise a girl handing a sweet with STD on it, Because this campaign is based around children we decided to use the "heart" sweets, We would photoshop the STD letters on the sweet. This picture shows that you dont know what you actually giving out or recieving

This was a better attemp to capture, unfortunatly we did not have the snickers bar but we still tried to imagine what it would look like


This was one of many attempts to try and campture a couple hugging, we was going to use a snickers bar within the girls hand, and slip it into the boys pocket, this would show the word nickers we would then put writing on the side saying "No Protection? KEEP EM ON!". We tried many times to capture the right image.

Our Final Decision

Our campaign is based on Std's and awareness of the risks of unpertected sex. We decided to make young children and teenagers out target audiance, We used sweet logo's and sweets in photoshop to show awareness. We done this because Sweets are a major part of every childs childhood and sweets are the best thing to symbolise children.


Chlamydia is the commonest STI in UK and affects approximately 1 in 15. It has no symptoms in 70% of infected women and 50% of men. If you remain untreated 10-40% of women with chlamydia will later develop pelvic inflammatory disease. Men can develop complications such as infertility. We can screen using a simple urine sample and treat with a short course of antibiotics for positive cases

Gonorrhoea is the second commonest bacterial STI in the UK. For a lot of women and some men it can have no symptoms. It often presents in men as a discharge and usually within a week of the sexual contact. We accurately test for gonorrhoea on a urine sample and provide effective antibiotic treatment for positive cases. Untreated Gonorrhoea in men can cause inflammation of the prostate, testicular infections and infertility

Herpes Simplex is a viral infection and there are two different types-Herpes simplex type 1 and 2. Genital infections can develop with painful blisters,discomfort on passing urine or without any symptoms at all. There is no cure, but outbreaks can be successfully managed with antiviral medication. We can look for evidence of herpes within the urogenital tract using the latest PCR (DNA) urine testing.

M&M Campaign

Here We decided to use the slogan " nothing is sweet about STD's " we then used the idea of childrens sweets to advertise our campaign and we substituted the letters MnMs with STD's which we thought was very clever

Why We Chose To Do This Campaign

We chose to do this campaign because it is unique and is somthing everyone needs to be aware of.The subject of STDs and the use of condoms is getting more and more rare in todays society, Everyone needs to realise the damage STD's can do to both men and woman and we have chose this campaign to raise awareness.

Other STD Campaign

Our Logo

As we are targeting young adults and teenagers with out charity we decided to use sweet to show awareness of the damages of not using a condom.This was one of man ideas for a logo to advertise our campaign.

This is another STD and condom awareness campaign that using underwear to show and
advertise their campaign, We believed this was a good way to make awareness to adults
but not teenagers or young adults.

The rate of sexually transmitted diseases is rising rapidly in Great Britain, and researchers say that alcohol -- particularly teen drinking -- plays a major role in the trend.

The Independent reported June 15 that a report from the Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV found that about 40 percent of sexually active 13- to 14-year-olds said they were drunk or high when they first had sex, and that about 10 percent of 15- and 16-year-olds said they had sex after drinking that they later regretted.

Rates of HIV and chlymidia have risen 300 percent over the past 12 years in the U.K., while the gonorrhea rate has risen 200 percent and the syphilis rate has increased 2,000 percent.

The authors noted that female drinking patterns in the U.K. now match those of men, and that alcohol has a stronger impact on sexual behavior of women than men.

"All involved should review the areas that potentially encourage the young to use alcohol and drugs, with the associated impact on sexual activity," said panel chair Baroness Gould. "We recommend that the government works with manufacturers, advertisers and broadcasters to look at issues like advertising alcohol to the young."